Author - JC Goodson


First Look: Wonder Woman Movie

What do you think?  Is the pre-Wonder Woman look for Diana badass or merely kickass?

Entertainment Weekly debuted the look for Gal...


Lego Batman!

Dropping sick beats and mics!
Is it bad that I want to see this more than BvS: Dawn of Justice?


The Flash/Supergirl trailer

We live in an amazing time, y’all.  Not only do we have several network TV superhero shows that don’t suck, we have two from different...


We’re from the future!

Recently the group Improv Everywhere in New York City had an idea- what if 4 sets of identical twins got on the subway, one set claiming to have...


Black Panther #1 goes big

Today at C2E2’s retailer breakfast, Marvel Comics announced that Black Panther #1 didn’t go home, it went big with over 300K...


Daredevil Season 2

Last year when the Netflix series Daredevil dropped there was one thing everyone could talk about- the hallway fight scene.
It was epic. It...