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Batman V Superman prequel comic

As a marketing tie in for the new Batman V Superman movie, Dr Pepper has released cans with 5 characters from the movie.  Now that’s super normal, but what sets this one apart is a code on each character can that “unlocks” a chapter of a prequel comic for the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

You can use the Blippar app to unlock the chapters from your smart phone or tablet.

Of course, this being the internet (and who wants to drink that much soda) you can find those chapters online for free.  And this wouldn’t be your premier source of Nerd News if we didn’t get them for you.

Batman v Superman Prequel #1 – Batman

Batman v Superman Prequel #2 – Lois Lane

Batman v Superman Prequel #3 – Senator Finch

Batman v Superman Prequel #4 – Superman

Batman v Superman Prequel #5 – Lex Luthor


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