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The vaunted Marvel continuity has seen a massive shake-up as the result of the cross-over series Secret Wars. The biggest change has been moving some characters from the Ultimate Universe into the main Marvel comic universe on the new “Earth Prime.”  Part of those changes is moving Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales in to the same New York as the original Spider-Man Peter Parker.  In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Brian Bendis talked about the new life in store for Miles Morales.

“We’re not going to make this a fish out of water or man out of time and space story. It’s an adventure,” Bendis said.  “He’s struggling more to balance the relative mundanity of being a teenager versus being Spider-Man and an Avenger. This is something that is as old as the story of Spider-Man, but also very true to what teenagers are dealing with today, which is they’re forced to grow up very quickly, and balance things that honestly I don’t remember having to balance, and I grew up in a single parent household with responsibilities.”

Bendis went on to talk about how this new Miles Spider-man won’t be a “man out of time”/Captain America book. Instead, it will focus on the story of a kid who is overwhelmed by what’s happening to him and how he chooses to deal with it.

“Nobody, including myself, is interested in a Captain America-style story for Miles where’s he out of time and space. It’s just a crazy Marvel Universe stuff this character has to deal with story.”

Bendis also hinted at future story lines involving Ultimate Universe fan favorite Bombshell. Bombshell has no Earth Prime equivalent so, she will be a new character that many longtime readers won’t be immediately familiar with.  Bendis said, “A lot of kids are growing up in a world where there’s a Miles Morales Spider-Man. I hear from them every day. It’s such a special thing. So for Miles to rise to the place of surviving “Secret Wars” and then to being Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe is so beyond anything I could have hoped for. I know and I’ve heard from people that this is going to be their first issue of the book. I thought about that and I wanted to make this a very strong issue of “Spider-Man,” and keep things going with this other stuff that we just talked about bubbling forward in the next few issues.”

You can read the full interview at Comic Book Resources.

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