Major Star Wars EU/Legends character set to come back..

grand admiral thrawn

That’s right, it’s the original Blue Man Grand Admiral Thrawn!

The incredibly reliable website has reported on a rumor that a fan favorite Extended Universe character will make a return to the Star Wars cannon. That character is none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Specifically, “I have heard that in Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels we will be introduced to none other than the original blue guy himself, Grand Admiral Thrawn from Heir to the Empire. From the sound of things, we’re going to see Thrawn as the tactical genius of capital starship warfare he was to Expanded Universe readers in the ’90s. However, this time he will be using his evil brand of genius against the the heroes of the starship Ghost.”

Which would be incredible. Having Thrawn back in the cannon so he can appear in either an anthology film like Rogue One or in the main series would be fantastic. In my opinion, Thrawn was one of the few Expanded Universe characters that was interesting and compelling.  His non-human nature at odds with the incredibly xenophobic Empire creates instant conflict that draws you in to any story he’s a part of.

Of course this opens the door to any other EU character to reappear in regular cannon now.  Who would you like to see make a come back?  Mara Jade? Prince What’s-His-Name from The Seduction of Princess Leia?  Let us know in the comments below.

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