Project: Rooftop

If you’re thinking this sounds like some crazy spin-off of the reality show Project: Runway, you wouldn’t be too far off.  Project: Rooftop does involve creating new fashionable apparel but not for super models.  It’s a site where artists re-design super heroes.

In the sites own words: Project: Rooftop is where cartoonists and illustrators bring their costume design skills to task in tribute to the superheroes and villains we’ve grown up with. This site is intended to promote the idea of superhero costume redesigning as a skill, specific to superhero media. We also aim to foster continued interest for these amazing characters and spotlight up-and-coming creators.

JeyOdin_Hawk Girl.jpg  JeyOdin_Wonderwoman.jpg


As you can see, the site hosts artists who looking to show off their design skills with the characters we all know and love.  It’s nice to see a lot of fresh ideas being brought to characters that have been around for longer than most of us have been alive.


What do you think- what hero would you redesign and what changes would you make?  Let us know in the comments below.


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