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As we reported yesterday, Birth Death Movies had early word that the new Civil War movie was really good.  So good that Marvel was showing it to outside eyes to get further feedback.  There have been some leaks that the movie won’t follow the source material that closely.

Director Joe Russo revealed new details regarding their upcoming Marvel film during the recent Q&A at the Wizard World Cleveland Comic Convention. He said, “We really did a radical reinterpretation of Captain America in Winter Soldier… We were twice as aggressive in tone and execution on Civil War.”

According to Birth Death Movies there may be a death of a main character in the MCU.

Could that mean that who dies at the end of Civil War has been changed for the movie?  In the comics, Cap surrenders to the government only to be shot on the steps by Sharon Carter.  The last 30 minutes of the movie have been described as an emotional horror story. Does that mean that it’s not Cap that dies but Iron Man?  Bucky straight up tries to head-shot murderize Stark in the trailer.  It would make a lot of sense to put an end to Downy’s career as Tony Stark with a death.  His contract with Marvel is up, and it would provide a tidy reason why Stark isn’t in Infinity War 1 & 2.

Of course, it’s comics so Stark could die and still be back for the Avengers movies.


What do you think?  Is Iron Man up on the chopping block?  Does Bucky sacrifice himself to protect Cap in the final moments?  Or does Martin Freeman’s character get introduced only to be killed off?  Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?


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