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There’s a rumor being reported by the extremely reliable site Latino Review about character death in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie.  Ever since Thanos was told to challenge the heroes of Earth was to court death in the 2012 Avenger’s movie there has been a lot of discussion over who would die in Phase 3.  Specifically, who is going to die in the Avengers: Infinity War movies.  And Latino Review has some news.



So if you’re SPOILER SENSITIVE stop reading now.



No, seriously, we mean it.  Stop.



You were warned.





Chris Hemsworth will be returning as Thor to team up with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk to face Cate Blanchett’s Hela.  Hela has taken over Asgard and layeth the smack downeth on Thor. She destroys Mjolnir and straight up murderizes Heimdall (Idris Elba).  Once he’s dead to up the stakes for Thor, he’ll return as the commander of an army of dead righteous Asgardian warriors.  They’ll be released from the underworld by Valkyrie, a character that first appeared in the Avengers in the 70’s and most commonly associated with the Defenders.

It will be interesting if this turns out to be true, as Hela in both Norse mythology and Marvel comics canon is the ruler of the dead in the same way that Odin rules Asgard. So, will Heimdall or Thor lead a revolt against the ruler of the land of the dead?  How will all of this connect to the Infinity Stones storyline?

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