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If you haven’t been reading the comic Sex Criminals I need you to ask yourself this question: if you could stop time for a limited span what would you do with that power?

Would you take a dump in your boss’s office plant? Would you rob banks?

That’s why you need to read this book.

Sex Criminals is written by Matt Fraction (husband of Kelly Sue DeConnick) with art by  Chip Zdarsky.  These two take one of the most high concept ideas (stopping time to do whatever you want) and tying it a thing so univeral just about all of us do it. Or want to do it. Or think about wanting to do it.  Or watch it streaming after putting the browser into Incognito.  Admit it, sex is fun. Even when you’re doing it by yourself.

And the comic is exactly like that. It’s fun, it’s even self-aware with a little bit of fourth wall breaking. It’s smart, funny, and well drawn.  It centers around two young people who discover they both stop time when they have an orgasm. They both stay aware and mobile while the whole rest of the world comes to a stop.  They’re free to do whatever they want until normal time resumes. Of course, after they carry out a few high jinks they’re discovered by the sex cops.

Yeah, there are sex cops. Who use a male masturbater like a taser.

I’ll just leave you with that idea.  Go pick up the book. You’ll thank me for it later.

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