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There are a few things that are iconically American, and comic books at the top of that list. With the box office dominance of the comic super hero, there’s no doubt that the time of the Super Hero has arrived.  Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have spent a great deal of time thinking about that position super heroes occupy in our society today.  Instead of writing a super boring scholoarly paper that no one will read, they wrote a comic book.

About comic books and how they conflate with American culture.  Yeah, it’s a comic about comics.

You may recognize the names Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. They’re the creative team behind the Harley Quinn series.

Superzero looks at the impact of comic books, and by extension super heroes, have had on our culture through the eyes of a young girl with some really weird ideas about the universe along with a desire to be something more than what she finds in herself.  The protagonist of this story is Dru Dragowski is a teen girl obsessed with comic books and super heroes. She is so obsessed that she’s become convinced the life she leads is too small for her.  She is so convinced of this that she has created a massive story that the world is not what it seems on the surface, that is it is, in fact, far grand and sweeping than she’s been led to believe it being. She creates elaborate stories to explain the terrible things happening in the world and why she has to become a super hero.

Superzero deconstructs our relationship with the comic book superhero without getting pretentious.  It’s a meta story that doesn’t go to far away from its source and get lost in its self-awareness.  The story gives us a chance to look at our own youth while possessing a wisdom about that age that allows us to understand how those stories have impacted us.

Superzero is published by Aftershock Comics.

What do you think- is Superzero a legit look at how comics impact our culture or just a bunch of fun?  Let us know in the comments below.

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