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We Rank’em- The Top 5 Deep Cut Comic Movie Villains

Recently, the stuffed shirts over at Forbes put together a list of the top 5 comic book movie villains of all time.  Look, no offense to Forbes, if you want some solid business articles about billionaires Forbes is a great source.  But it’s not the place to know who the best cinema comic villains can be.  So, with their list in hand we’re going to show them how a real Nerd handles this list:


# 5- coming in Deacon Frost from the original Blade movie.  That’s right, Blade was an R Rated comic book movie decades before Deadpool.  Stephen Dorff played the antagonist role in this 90’s comic book movie. Yeah, maybe he listened to a little too much House music but the Blood Bath scene at the beginning is still an amazing opener to a film.


#4- Doc Ock from the second Spider-Man film. Not the lame Garfield films but the good Rami ones.  It’s been a long time, and memory fades about how good a performance Alfred Molina turns in as the mechanical maniac Doctor Otto Octavius.  Molina could have just cashed a check and turned in a melodramatic hand-wringer of a bad guy but instead he brought his A list talent and brought a great deal of nuance to Doc Ock.

#3: Todd “the Vegan” Ingram from Scott Pilgram v The World.  Yet another great comic book movie that doesn’t show up on a lot of people’s radar. I used to feel really bad for Brandon Routh after his turn as Superman in Superman Returns. But after this performance about how not partaking of the flesh, breastmilk, nor ovum of any animal makes you better than everyone else, I knew he’d be getting a lot of work.

#2 Obidiah Stane.  Once again a big talent actor who could have phoned in a performance to cash a check instead decided to bring their talents to bear and provide us with a memorable villain that most people forget about.  Stane or the Iron Monger, was changed from the comics to the big screen, and overall I think it was an excellent change. The father/son relationship explored by the movie really enhanced the betrayal reveal at the end. Jeff Bridges is one of the most watchable actors today, no matter what role he takes up.


#1- Skeletor from the He-Man live action move.  Yes, the 1983 He-Man Masters of the Universe movie doesn’t make any sense. What is Skeletor after? Why do they need the Key thing? Sure, He-Man technically wasn’t sourced from the comics first.  You know what? It. DOESN’T. MATTER. Frank Langella acts the heck outta that part. He’s in full on Space Opera Acting behind whatever oatmeal they tried to pass off as Skeletor’s skeleton head.  Don’t beleive me?

Watch the final battle and tell me you can’t stop watching Skeletor.



And that, kids, is how you do a Top Comic Book Villains of all time. Who’s on your list of Deep Cut Comic Movie Villains?  Let us know in the comments below.

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