Blackberry Deathwatch: Layoffs Coming

Before there were iPhones and Androids and Windows Phones, there was Blackberry. Blackberry did what no other phone could (at the time): send you emails that you didn’t have to push a button to check for. That’s what we all call
push notification today. But just like Apple took mouses and GUIs and turned them cool, they took the idea of the internet-connected phone and made it cool, too, leaving Blackberry in the dust selling their products to corporate and government clients who’d already signed long-term contracts. The company’s been hemorrhaging money, losing market share, and struggling to stay relevant in a world that wants much, much more than just email with their phones.

So much so, in fact, that the guys in charge over at Blackberry have decided that rather than try to fight the future, they’ll join it. The company is laying of at least 200 employees, suspending development of their Blackberry 10 operating system, and transitioning into a company that build Android devices, like their new Blackberry Priv.


In a statement the company released, BlackBerry has plans to continue their company turnaround while maintaining focus on different growth opportunities while bringing in more profit across the entire company. Unfortunately, as a result, a small number of employees in Canada and Florida have been impacted as they try to fix up the company. BlackBerry thanks the hard work those employees gave to the company and are grateful for their efforts. Hopefully BlackBerry can get the ball rolling again as the company makes its transition to devices running Android.

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