How Skynet Will Celebrate After Taking Over the World: Golf

Not even a week after beating a the world’s hardest board game, a robot is now taming a more challenging outdoor game: golf. Just the other day a robot named after Tiger Woods hit a hole-in-one at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. LDRIC, who has a creepy-as-hell LCD face built on top of his golf-ball-and-human-clubbing body, took five shots to make it, but who’s going to mark him with the double bogey with a face like that?

After LDRIC (patterned after Wood’s first name, Eldrick) hit the shot, fans showered the green with beer cans, which is a tradition in Phoenix. They did the same thing last month when an Italian golfer accomplished the feat at the same hole, and when Woods himself did it in 1997.

According to Quartz, LDRIC, short for Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry, was created by pro golfer Gary McCord and Golf Laboratories, a company that builds robots to test out new golf club designs. It can hit the ball up to 130 mph—about 5 mph faster than the the real Tiger can hit—and duplicate any players’ swing.

How much longer before SHAQ-90 takes on centers in the NBA?

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