The Ending to Wonder Woman Might Not Be That Wonderful

Gal Gadot told Empire in a recent interview that the ending to Wonder Woman might not be very wonderful at all. The movie, slated to come out in 2017, is a prequel to this summer’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to Gadot, the ending might in fact have a tragic ending that helps explain conflicts she has in Dawn of Justice. She says her character sees a lot of the evil stuff humans are capable of in her prequel, and so it becomes difficult for her to even want to step up and help fight the bad guys in this movie.

DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns explains, “These Amazons were once created to protect man’s world but they since abandoned it. And Diana’s constantly asking ‘why don’t we go do what we were created to do and protect man?’ They say because they’re not worth it. And this takes her on a journey into our world.”

According to Movie Pilot, her appearance on the third trailer of the movie garbed in her battle armor and just in time to save Batman from his imminent destruction in the hands of Doomsday only suggests that she has already been a superhero for a long time. The article also opined that, based on Zack Snyder’s pronouncements that Wonder Woman is 5000 years old, it is very likely for the “Wonder Woman” movie to feature the centuries-old saga of the Amazonian princess.

Gadot added that she had to train for seven months to get ready for the role before she even put on the costume. Playing Wonder Woman was fulfillment of a dream of hers to play an “empowered, independent woman who doesn’t rely on men. Now I get paid to work out and do crazy stuff with a lasso,” she said.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on July 23, 2017.

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