Moooo! – Blizzard brings back the Cow Level for Diablo III

For the month of March Diablo III fans can experience the Secret Cow Level. for those not in the know the Cow Level was an area originally from Diablo II where you fought and killed bloodthirsty, well armed cows. These cows walked upright and could pack punch. The level was lighthearted and people had been expecting a similar level when DIII was released.

The event is in honor of a Blizzard developer who passed in 2014.

From “The Kanai event has actually been present since Patch 2.4.0 launched, but is only available during March – the real world birth month of Kevin Kanai Griffith, the artist for whom Kanai’s Cube (and King Kanai) is named.

For those of you who may not know, Kevin was a talented and dedicated member of the Diablo III development team who passed away in October of 2014 from a rare form of cancer. If you’d like to read more about Kevin, we included a short biography of his contributions to Diablo (and Blizzard as a whole) in the Kanai’s Cube preview.

This event is a chance for folks to get to adventure with Kanai one more time. We hope you enjoy the opportunity as much as we do.”

To gain access to the level you must go to the Immortal Room in Sescheron during  Act III. Kanai’s soul will appear and open a portal to the Kanai’s Stomping Grounds.

Have fun!

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