This Car Is Powered By Salt Water: 760HP, Top Speed 186 MPH, 621 Miles/Tank

This Car Is Powered By Salt Water: 760HP, Top Speed 186 MPH, 621 Miles/Tank

German company Nanoflow Cell unveiled a sleek looking fully electric Quant 48Volt at the Geneva Motor Show this year with the goal of the company bringing the first production car in the world to be powered by saltwater. The Quant 48Volt has two tanks of liquid with dissolved metallic salt which gives them opposite charges. The liquid is separated by a membrane where positively charged ions lose an electron generating electricity.

One fill up of the tanks are good for 621 miles (1,000 km) which astonishingly is greater distance our gasoline vehicles can take us. However, to fill up the tank which has the 3x capacity of large SUV will take quite a bit of time but certainly not hours.

The salt water powered vehicle generates >560kW (760HP) and goes 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds.

The Quant 48Volt runs on environmentally friendly ‘bio-ION’ which is electrolyte liquids.
It has been said by the company that it is “non-toxic” and “non-flammable”. Also one of the best news is that the ‘bi-ION’ will only cost .10 cents per liter or about .38 cents a gallon. The question is will this technology be adopted by a major car manufacturer so we can have electrolyte liquid filling stations.



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